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Grenadier Trials!

Erik Arkay - The Balrons Jaw

*We find Erik in front of Hythlot. Hythlot, a word of dread in itself that brings shivers to even the most hardened of warriors*

Ahem...No point in avoidin' the inevitable. I better get in there and do the deed. Gah! This place reeks of Sulphur! If there ever was a gateway into hell I suppose I'd be starin' into it now!

*Erik makes his way through the labyrinth of Hythlot quickly disposing of any foes that cross his path.*

Hah hah! Begone fould demons! For the Avatar is with me! Make way I say!

*Erik ventures deeped and deeper in the depths of Hythlot and with every yard he advances the nausiating fumes of sulphur become more suffocating. After a while Erik finds a bloody pentagram*

Gah! Truly a heathenous and most disgustin' emblem of these fiends! They shou...

*The entire chamber begins to shudder and shake. Plaster drops down from the walls and a rumbling sound is heared. The entire room seems to spin around Erik when all of a sudden a big puff of sulperic smoke erupts above the pentagram. Not just any Balron had been summoned, but the Slayer himself!*

*Erik flees in dismay as a rain of spells already come down upon him. The beast is fast and furious and his enormous sword connects with Erik swinging him across the room and crashing into a wall*

*After recovering from the first blow Erik manages to stumble back on his feet and now retaliates with prayers for the assistance of the Avatar and lets loose a rain of arrows. The fight ensues for what seems like an eternity...*

*With a final shot directly aimed at this hideous creature's throat the Balron wheels back and collapses. The battle had been won!*

*After acquiring the jaw filled with teeth Erik utters a prayer of thanks to the Avatar and flees from the dungeon*