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The Baron's Own Grenadiers

Join the elite! The Baron's Household Guard.
See Sosaria. Slay the Baron's Enemies. Drink fine wines. Play with explosive potions.

Have YOU got what it takes?

A show of Grenadier Power  A display of Grenadier prowess.
A show of Grenadier power! And a display of Grenadier prowess!

Grenadier Stomp!
Slay then stomp over vile beasts!

Grenadier Discipline.
Learn the art of discipline!

Gren fun!
Invade foreign taverns!

"... But of all Sosaria's great heroes, there is none that can compare to the tow, row, row, row, row... Of a Covian Grenadier!"

If you wish to become a Grenadier please contact me, Raiden, Grenadier Captain at pigeon cage 205-754-768 or Grenadier Corporal, Eve at pigeon cage 398-126-533. Or sign up here .

Covian Grenadiers... Be the BEST!!!