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Grenadier History & Legends


“The Grenadiers are a squad within the Covian army that have had a long and proud history; a squad which is charged with protecting Cove – and most of all, the Baron, from any and all threats. Over the years they have seen many a now legendary guardsman join their ranks, and for the first time their history and deeds shall be documented as told by Baron Octiovus Von Richter.”

The Baron’s Blades:

After his recent appointment to the role of Baron of Cove, it was decided that Baron Octiovus would need a set of brave and elite individuals who would handle his safety and would deal with any threats to his public security. In addition to this, they would have to work undercover and root out those who would seek to do him harm internally and externally. The man charged with creating this unit was a then Captain Hrothgar of the newly established Covian guard. He soon set about his task, creating The Baron’s Blades. This organization was short lived however, as the conflict between the need for elite infantry and delicate covert missions became increasingly evident. With the swelling ranks of the Covian town guardsmen, it was decided the squad would be split into two. The first of these newly forged squads was to be The Baron’s Own Grenadiers, headed once again by Captain Hrothgar. This was the founding of the Grenadiers as we know and love them today. The other squad, which was to handle the covert and stealth element of Covian affairs, was The Light Company, commanded by then Sergeant Althalus.

Hrothgar’s fall:

Under the leadership of Hrothgar the Grenadiers began to attract some of the now famous members, such as the likes of Ryan Greystone and Gimbly. They fought many notable actions in defense of the Baron and worthy of particular mention for their actions against Kaldor and their participation of the Covian Orc campaign. Yet this progress was soon to be broken as the first in a long line of leadership crises occurred. One day it was noted that Captain Hrothgar was missing, and although search parties were sent far and wide across the lands of Sosaria, he was presumed dead. Though his presumed passing was a sad loss for Cove, there could be no time to mourn the dead. The Grenadiers needed immediate new leadership if they were to continue in their role as guardians of Cove and the Baron.

The famous duo: Greystone & Maktoum

While lacking in the combat experience of Hrothgar, it was decided that the dutiful Ryan Greystone and his trusty corporal Ahmed Maktoum should take over leadership of the squad. Their reign was long, yet it was plagued by absence from the pair of them. The Grenadiers continued to fight many a battle in the name of the Baron, but this time is most remembered for the eccentric character of Greystone. During his time at the helm of the Grenadiers, it is said he sunk nearly three-quarters of the Covian fleet in his missions to explore foreign territories. Maktoum on the other hand was wounded in his service to Cove, and shall ever be remembered for his subsequent slowness.
After a long and proud service, Maktoum resigned from the Covian army, leaving a chest containing his halberd, cap, and bronze arms to the Baron and was never seen again. Soon thereafter Greystone also vanished, leaving neither trace nor explanation of his leave. Many theories have arisen as to what was the cause of Greystone’s disappearance – everything from being lost at sea to being eaten by polar bears. Nevertheless there was no time to stop and ponder his sudden vanishing act, it was time for another leader to step up and take on the challenge of leading the Baron’s Own.

The dismissal of Arkay:

The man chosen for the job was one Erik Arkay, a rising force in Cove at the time. He suffered a very difficult and long time at the helm of the Grenadiers – with the Baron himself even leaving for a stint as a Lord in Yew. Despite this, Arkay stood firm in his task of rebuilding the Baron’s Own in waiting for the Baron’s eventual return. This return came, and Arkay was eventually rewarded with the rank of Captain; a rank which he retains even to this day.
Sadly Arkay set a dubious record, becoming the only man to ever be cast out from the Grenadiers after a heated argument with the Baron for reasons unknown. The Baron himself has adopted leadership of the Grenadiers until such a time a suitable new leader can be found.

Another Duo: Raiden & Vince

Despite the lack of a firm leader, the Grenadiers continued to prosper and reached their highest level of membership ever. Two up and coming Grenadiers at the time Vince Valentine and Raiden Morana would soon establish themselves in Grenadier Command and lead the squad for longer than any of their predecessors.
Many an adventure they shared together and both had an eye for the ladies, with Vince eventually marrying during the peace after Minoc's liberation. While Raiden's habit of getting lost drew comparisons with Ryan Greystone.
Vince and Raiden's reign however came to a shocking and abrupt end, when not long after his nuptials Grenadier Sergeant Valentine went missing having ventured on a lone mission into the lands of Ilshenar. The rescue mission led by Corporal Morana could do nothing but bring the Sergeant's broken body back to Cove for burial.

The Grenadiers Today:

The loss of his Sergeant and best friend hit Raiden hard but he is charged with taking command of the Baron's Own Grenadiers and returning the squad to former glories during these uncertain times. One thing is for sure – now is the time for you, dear reader, to step up and play your part in the squad. Perhaps one day you shall have your name scribed within this tome, as one of the brave few who faithfully defend Cove and the Baron.

List of Grenadier leaders in chronological order:

*Ryan Greystone
*Erik Arkay
*Baron Octiovus
*Vince Valentine
*Raiden Morana

List of Grenadiers past and present:

*Hrothgar De’Mar
*Ahmed Maktoum
*Ryan Greystone
*Erik Arkay
*Vince Valentine
*Judas Deibeau
*Raiden Morana
*Vlad / Demarian Tel'var
*Rupert Ridir
*Kendall Richter
*Darek Milako
*Regdar La Faye
*Conan Darkmoon
*Tyrael Styx
*Ihiniar Tel'var