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Grenadier Trials!

Raiden Morana - The Slaying Of The Ice Fiends

*Raiden proudly pens his report of the mission to the Ice Dungeon*

Attended by:
Raiden Morana, Junior Guardsman (leading)
Erik Arkay, Grenadier Corporal

Along with having to do battle against and slay some Ice Fiends I also had to collect the 20,000gp fer the Baron which we was unable to take out the Blood Dungeon hunt earlier.

My pride a little pricked by the fact we was unable to get the loot out of the Blood Dungeon I grabbed the only available Grenadier, Corporal Arkay and we set off to the Ice Dungeon to complete meh task, further enhance the reputation of the mighty Grenadiers and also restore some of meh pride!

On entering the dungeon we quickly despatched a steady stream of frozen foes and were soon up to our waists in corspes.

We battled our way through a never ending stream of beasties until we were finally able to make our way downstairs into the lair of 'em Ice Fiends.

We slew one after another after another of the frozen buggers until I could no longer keep count!

Hopefully I showed Corporal Arkay that meh combat skills were worthy of a Grenadier!

When we could no longer carry more gold (well over 20,000) we made our way back to Cove for a well deserved drink in the tavern.

That is a fine pair o' pants Drachir! *Grins*


Raiden Morana, Junior Guardsman.